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Giving a smile to ailing children and single mothers in rural Uganda

We are helping children with chronic and incurable diseases in rural Uganda where expert pediatric care is largely unavailable and where the life-long care that such children need is too expensive for most rural parents to afford. With the high prevalence rate of HIV in the Kasese District, and environmental pollution from cobalt mining, there are now increasing cases of children being born with HIV, cancer, Hirchisprungs disease and cerebral palsy, all of whom will need life-long care, and whose parents also need support to deal with the problems caused by their children’s illness. Approximately 30 such children are currently being cared for in the Kinyameseke Children’s Nursing Center where the care provided is too expensive for their parents. We want to help these children.

Our project aims to provide social care and support to 24 children in the Kinyamaseke Children’s Nursing Centre who suffer from life-threatening and chronic illnesses, to assist with the provision of specialist medical services and also to offer psycho-social support to their parents and families.

The project will: – provide feeding, clothing, and other forms of social care to the children; – enable the Nursing Centre to provide sufficient palliative care medication, consumables, and supplies to cater for children from socio-economically poor backgrounds; – facilitate periodic visits to the Nursing Centre from a consultant oncologist, neurologist, and pediatrician; –

provide psycho-social support to the parents of the ailing children.

The project will also provide socio-economic empowerment to single mothers, and widows

Project’s specific objectives:

I. Provide feeding clothing and other forms of social care to 38 admitted children

II. Support the Nursing Centre to access sufficient palliative care medications, consumables, and other supplies to cater for 38 needy and sick children within the next 12 months.

III. Facilitate 24 visits to the Nursing Centre for a consultant oncologist, neurologist, and pediatrician within the next 12 months.

IV. Empower 247 single mothers and widows with key vocational and business skills to enroll in the cottage industry program

Project activities:

a) Specialized medical care: sick children will be given specialized medical care by a team of specialist doctors at the medical centre.

b) Supportive feeding: All admitted children will be given nutritious meals; while those that come at the outpatient clinic will be given food on a monthly basis.

c) Clothing and other forms of psycho social care: All children with chronic and incurable diseases will be given clothing, psycho-social counselling, and other forms of supportive care.

d) Provision of medical and sanitary consumables: project funds shall also be used equip the medical centre with all the essential medical supplies and drugs.

Project outcomes: Increase the capacity of the Nursing Center to offer good palliative care services to the community as a whole. – Reduce suffering and avert near death for the targeted 24 children; and provide courage to their families for continuous care. -Extend high quality and expertise medical care to rural children in Kasese district.

e)Business support to single mothers and women to start

Help is also extended to orphans throughout childhood education, empowerment of widows with key socio-economic, and vocational skills so that they enroll into our domestic cottage industry program.

We need help and partnership to develop and expand our Nursing home into a bigger facility so as to accommodate more suffering children.

Support is also needed for our women empowerment program especially in the areas of product marketing for the products made by widows in their home-based cottage industries. Nice crafts, shoes, caps, sweaters, and maternity kits are made by these women (widows) but the lack of market hampers their economic transformation


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